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                              The D.A.R.T. Program:

The D.A.R.T. Program (De-Escalation And Response Training) is designed for anyone who is concerned for their safety and the safety of others. There is no debate that employees are seeing an increase in aggressive and hostile behavior with individuals that they deal with on a daily basis. This program offers participants options to lower risk factors to these violent behaviors.

Goal and Objective


"Failing to plan is planning to fail!" The goal of the program is to educate participants on the importance of having a safety plan to violence. Through psycho-dynamic exercises and hands-on experience, participants will learn how to:


1.) Identify and deal with risk factors that lead up to a violent episode.

2.) Proactively de-escalate through"Verbal Interception Techniques".

3.) How to intercept individuals who become physically violent.

4.) How to deal with an Active Shooter/Terrorist in your

      work environment.



Participants through the hands on exercises will also learn how to deal with their own apprehension in dealing with verbal and physically violent individuals, empowering the employee to deal with the true issue and not take acting out behavior personally.

Bridging the GAP


Learning these valuable skills, the participant will be able to "Bridge the Gap" and intercept verbal and physical aggressive behaviors lowering their risk factor of being a victim of violence.

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